Step into my crazy life!

This is a site about me my life, relationships in it and my favorite hobbies and stuff. I guess my life as a 13 year old girl is pretty similar to yours. There are good days and bad days, exciting things and hopefully lots of fun things.
Things you really don't want to go through with, and moments you wish you could forget. Anyways, there is so much i could talk about my teacher said I'm only aloud to do three so here it goes!!

Firstly I have to tell you all about school and my friends! I have so many great friends and we often catch up for fun out of school get togethers like shopping sprees, pool parties, and massive sleepovers! Of course not everything at school is great. Some subjects, like Pe, and Social Studies aren't actually that bad, I even got a Merit Plus in my social studies project, (which I may have handed in late because I don't have a printer) and Pe is my favorite subject.
But other subjects like art and science are just so not my fave, (and between you and me I'm not a huge fan of maths, english or those other ones either). AT least most of school is fun. I get to talk with my friends about all sorts (uualy riverdale or up coming events) and I get to have my phone with me all the time.

Secondly how could I forget my family and friends? They are what I rely on all of the time, except for when I can't and then I don't. But for example, my mum makes my school lunch everyday and my friend Bella let me know when lacrosse trials were on the morning of the lacrosse trials and thankfully I had left my pe gear at school the day befpr becuase I was in the car when I got her message :).
My family at home consists of my mum, my dad, my brother and of course me. I also have a lot of friends and it would probably be boring reading about all of them, so i'll just mention my close ones like Holly, Bella, Milly, Sammy, Maddy Kaia, and Ella. WE like to paint our nails, do blind make overs, fake modeling and all sorts with each other. We also play sports a lot which leads me into my next and final section which is my hobbies!!

My hobbies are brilliant and i do them all the time. They are skateboarding, shopping, swimming, lacrosse, horse riding and doing my nails and make-up and other crazy stuff. I enjoy doing these things in my free time (which is not very often if I'm being honest) and doing them with my friends. Me and my friends also love shopping and we go on shopping Spree's together and stuff. I hope you love my site and have a great life!!